Instant expert MS Office support available.

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Instant expert MS Office support available.

Call us to find out more.

Microsoft Word …

… all those features, options, menus, colours, fonts – what were they thinking?

The truth is the majority of users rarely need more than 10% of Word’s capabilities – the real problem, of course, is it’s a slightly different 10% for each user.

The dangers lurk in the unfamiliar 90% with the potential for document wrecking just a click away.

Historically, it had been assumed, that fee earners and PAs had at least an adequate knowledge of MS Word, the industry standard. The new working regimes, implemented as a result of Covid, have shown that this assumption is not borne out by experience.

But then, no one is born “Microsoft-ready”.

Online precedents, even when formatted in your house style, can still be problematic. This can happen when documents, originally created in older WP programs, are “pulled” into Word, with later versions only adding to the confusion.



  • producing stable documents with the features you need

Template design

  • creation of house-style compliant templates

Training for specific tasks

  • remote training to speed up routine tasks


  • transcripts of digital recordings

Proof reading

  • manuals
  • websites
  • marketing material



  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Courts
  • Regulators


  • Trust companies
  • AML investigators


  • Commercial & residential
  • Building and surveying


  • Politically/commercially sensitive documentation creation

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In the same way as we tailor our services, we tailor our terms of business for each client’s needs.

We charge by the minute, at hourly rates specific to the type of service provided. Our monthly invoice also includes a detailed analysis of work done.

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